DLTs based utility for security and data integrity

*proudly designed by Aurora Spagnol and Dario Moceri


Giano is an open-source utility that permits to effortlessly exploit the potentialities of DLTs to improve the overall level of security of IT infrastructures. It was designed to detect in real-time security breach attempts, offering an unprecedented degree of reliability. Today, in most cases, the victims of cyber-attacks do not know that they have been affected. When an attacker succeeds in violating a device, his first action is to manipulate the system registers to hide his traces. This action exposes the data of millions of people to significant risks. To solve this massive problem, Giano takes advantage of the immutability of the information registered on DLTs, leaving a permanent footprint of any suspected attempt of a data breach. Designed to be agnostic about a specific blockchain, Giano represents an incredible novelty, sufficiently customizable, and scalable to be used by any company in the world. Indeed, being able to use all the DLTs, Giano can work on blockchains that do not require to pay network commissions to execute transactions, allowing small organizations to adopt such a powerful solution for free.

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